29 octobre 2020 : Update to Weewx 4.2.0

octobre 29, 2020

Mise a  jour de Weewx an version  4.2.0 avec ma nouvelle configuration ( 1 weewx =>  2 stations météo)

La méthode la plus simple  : http://weewx.com/docs/setup.htm


1- Récuperer l’archive au format tar.gz

wget http://weewx.com/downloads/weewx-4.2.0.tar.gz

2- detarrage et dezipage de l’archive

tar xvfz weewx-4.2.0.tar.gz

3- Aller dans le dossier

cd weewx-4.2.0

4- Construire et lancer le setup 

python2 ./setup.py build
python2 ./setup.py install

5- Faire un check de la config et surtout suite à la modification vu dans cet article  :



Conclusion : 

Ca fonctionne !

Si vous désirez voir la Release Notes, c’est par ici  : http://weewx.com/docs/changes.txt

4.2.0 10/26/2020

CHANGES COMING! This is the last release that will support the LaCrosse WS23xx,
Oregon WMR200 and WMR300 stations. In the future, they will be published as
unsupported extensions.

Made it easier to add new, derived types via StdWXCalculate. Fixes issue #491.

Changed the tag system slightly in order to make it possible for the XTypes
system to add new aggregations that take an argument.

Added the new data types in the extended_wview schema to the WeeWX types
system. Fixes issue #613.

Added ability to label left, right or both y-axes of graphs.  PR#610.
Fixes issue #609. Thanks to user Brent Fraser!

Added units and labels for the lightning data types.

Fixed problem where threads attempt to access non-existent database. Fixes
issue #579.

Fixed problem that caused reporting units to revert to US if they were in a
mixed unit system. Fixes issue #576.

Fixed problem that could cause the station registry to fail if given a location
with a non-ASCII location name.

Changed TE923 bucket size from 0.02589 inches to 1/36 of an inch
(0.02777778 in). PR #575. Fixes issue #574. Thanks to user Timothy!

Undocumented option retry_certificate has been renamed to retry_ssl, and now
covers all SSL errors (not just certificate errors). Fixes issue #569. Thanks
to user Eric!

Fixed problem caused by specifying a [Logging]/[[formatters]] section in
weewx.conf that uses interpolated variables.

Fixed problem in the Vantage driver that resulted in incorrect sunrise/sunset
being included in loop packets when run under Python 3. Thanks to users 
Constantine and Jacques!

Improved auto-scaling of plot axes.

Fixed problem where aggregates of windvec and windgustvec returned the aggregate
since start of day, not the start of the aggregation period. Fixes issue #590.

New unit "beaufort", included in "group_speed". Treating beaufort as a separate
type has been deprecated. Fixes issue #591.

New unit "kPa", included in "group_pressure". Fixes issue #596.

Fixed bug in the simulator. Made it easier to subclass class Simulator.

Expressions in StdCalibration are now ordered. Later corrections can depend on
earlier corrections.

Fixed problem under Python 2, where option 'none' could cause exception.
PR #597. Thanks to user Clément!

Fixed problem with ws23xx driver under Python 3 that caused it to crash.

Use a more modern formula for heat index. Fixes issue #601. Thanks to
user Peter Q!

Allow overriding the data binding when using iterators. Fixes issue #580.

Fixed problem where old daily summaries may not have a version number.

Fixed problem in WMR200 driver where missing UV reports as index 255.

Added option 'force_direction' for working around a WU bug. Fixes issue #614.